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The Ministry of Justice

WGN, New Zealand

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We are working with the judiciary and our justice sector colleagues to help make sure New Zealand is a safe and just society.

The Ministry of Justice does this by delivering people-centred justice services to provide access to justice for all New Zealanders.

New Zealand's justice and legal system protects individual rights and freedoms, sets out what is unacceptable and the penalties for breaking the law, and enforces the rules around how our country is governed.

The Ministry strives to achieve 3 outcomes:

  • Safer communities
  • Increased trust in the justice system
  • Maintain the integrity of our constitutional arrangements

The Ministry is the only agency in New Zealand's public sector that works across all three arms of government: we work for the executive and the legislature, and we also support the independent judiciary.

We have more than 3000 people who work in 120 locations around the country delivering justice services.

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